Maquette and statement by Stuart Rollisson for Bridlington Town Centre Seafront Development scheme “Secret Sculpture”

“Our Heritage”
As a child spending many hours on the harbour due to family working down there, it was the trawler and cobbles my father fished upon and the sound of the cannon to start the yacht races and seeing the multiple sails racing in the bay.
These designs are inspired from these memories, I wanted to combine the sturdiness and functionality of the fishing boats from which fishermen strived to make their living to the delicate and gracious curves of the yacht sails driven by the wind as they raced in our wonderful  bay.
The ship that sails the sea, from which has helped sustain our lives and provide for our town and families.
The curves of the steps to represent ascension and progression, and in its entirety to represent our own heritage!
The material used to create would be stainless steel and Corten steel for durability.